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Fine-Tuning Your Life
Dear Reader,
No mater how well our lives may be going, too often we put up with dissatisfactions that irritate, annoy or even exasperate us. There are usually some aspects about ourselves that get in the way of us fully enjoying our lives.
        Yes, I know, you have tried to change--but more than likely it didn't last.
        Well, you are about to learn the techniques for fine-tuning your life that work effectively--and without the struggle. But before we go there, if you want to evaluate your life, click Rate Your Life. or click Chapter Summary
        To understand how your brain and mind really function in tandem on the operational, practical level you will need to read the first 12 chapters of Unlock the Life You Want book, which you can obtain by adding to the Cart below.
        However, if you decide that your life needs a major overhaul rather than just a fine-tuning, read further: Part IV - Revitalizing Your Life, Part V Getting Unstuck, and Part VI- Your Dream. (Chapters 13 through 24)
       Finally, if you need a crash course to discover and implement your dream, click Crash Course.
       Should you have questions or success and failure stories, please email them to me at

Al Louis Ripskis
Author/Lifestyle Expert/SCORE Counselor
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Cutting Loose (1996) and the Manual Unlock the Life You Want (2001) are the self-explanatory workbooks Ive been using in counseling people for fine-tuning or transitioning into more fulfilling lifestyles and capturing their dreams. To order one or both titles, add to Cart.
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